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A story about honesty for children to show it and stay away from lying

 We must read to children continuously many stories that contain lessons and sermons in their content that our children learn from, and one of the most important topics for reading is a story about honesty.

From this children learn the importance of honesty in our lives and in our relationship with father and mother and learn about the dire consequences that fall upon us as a result of lying.

A story about honesty and the consequences of lying

Follow with us this story, which has an important lesson that your children will learn:

Parents' instructions in a story about honesty

There was a small child named (Hatem) around the age of seven or eight, and he was living with his family consisting of his mother, father, and an older sister.

This child was naughty, but he did not show this to his parents, and he pretended to hear what they were saying and that he would do it too, but he never did.

The parents and his older sister were going out for a walk, and the child had to sit alone at home.

Before leaving the house, the father and mother said a set of instructions and prohibitions to their son Hatem, which he must adhere to throughout their stay outside the house.

They told him not to play alone in the house, to stay away from trouble, and not to open the door of the house to anyone he did not know.

He must sit and learn and study until they return from home.

Hatem did not respond to them except with one word, which is (present, my father).

But he does not carry out all the instructions and orders they were told, and he did what was not expected.

Contrary to parental instructions

Continuing with a story about honesty, Hatem did not intend to hear what his parents said when they went outside the house.

As soon as the parents left the house, he went to the house's landline phone and called his friend Omar.

He told him that he was sitting alone at home, and wanted him to come to him so that they could study together. Amr went to his parents and told him that he would go to his friend Hatem, who would study together.

After attempts, the parents agreed. Indeed, Omar went to his friend Hatem, who was alone at home without the knowledge of his father and mother.

When Omar went to Hatem at home, he found a parrot sitting safely in his cage.

But he took him out of his place and the bird rose in his hands, and the child left him to fly around the house.

The two children could not catch the bird, and they made some attempts to catch it, but it was unsuccessful.

The bird sat on top of the curtain wall and Hatem climbed to catch him, but he failed and fell to the ground.

The bird settled again on the chandelier at the top of the roof of the house. Hatem and Omar came with two chairs to hold it, but they fell to the ground and the chandelier, they saw that the bird was heading towards the window to get out.

The children scrambled to shut the window but fell to the ground, and when they managed to catch him too, the children climbed up to close the window at once but inadvertently dropped a large tank full of fish on the floor, and the parrot ran out of the window and ran away.

The house became dirty and the fish tank was broken on the ground next to it. The names were dying from the lack of water and the vases were lying on the ground next to the chandelier. Omar saw this figure and ran to the door of the house quickly and said, “bye-bye Hatem, I will see you later.” Omar ran away and left Hatim alone in this problem.

Resorting to lying in a story about honesty

Hatem then sat on the floor and said to himself, What should I do, what should I tell my father now about what happened in the house?

And he said to himself in the end, I will lie so that I will not be punished for what happened and what I did. Indeed, the parents entered with his older sister and told him what happened Hatem, did thieves attack you while we were outside.

He told them no, thieves did not attack me.

-But who did this, Hatem?

He told them that Tariq, the son of our neighbor Atif, was the one who did it.

He was playing football in the street, and the ball entered us through the window and hit the parrot's cage, and dropped the fish tank and chandelier on the floor.

So the mother was horrified and told him if the poor bird died too, but he told her that he had flown out of the house through the window.

The father believed his son Hatem, and indeed he went to their neighbor, Atef, to reprimand him for his son Tariq’s act. Hatem went to his room while he was

He is afraid and says my matter will be revealed and they will know the truth and realize that it was I who did this, but he had a dialogue with himself and himself again to continue lying so that he would not be punished by his parents.

Indeed, his father came to him and told him that our neighbor Atif had sworn to me that his son did not play football today and did not go out after returning from the house.

The child lied again and told him that I remembered that Saeed, the son of the guards, had done this, and his father went again to see, but he came to him again, and Hatim began to think of another lie.

Honesty is the way to salvation

He was thinking of another lie that would get him out of this problem. His conscience told him, that telling his honesty is the way out of this problem.

He went to his parents and told them that he had lied to them and that he and his friend Omar had done this.

And his father told him that salvation lies in the truth and that God and His Messenger forbade lying, and that truthfulness is the one who enters Paradise.

Therefore, reading a story about honesty stops many children from lying, and the father asked Hatem to go and apologize to the rest of the people who he said did this.

You can read this story in the way you prefer with your children to alert them to the consequences of lying and the importance of honesty.