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Before bed, enjoy telling funny stories to your children

 Today we have collected a very diverse and interesting collection of funny children's stories for everyone, who of our children does not like to tell them stories before going to bed, because all our children love this habit, which may be their habit of returning to their mother or father or both, when They sleep, we will tell some interesting stories, the fun legends will take us to the world of fantasy and dreams, so today you will enjoy our interesting and interesting stories.

Funny Stories

monkeys and bananas

It is said that there are two friends in the forest, one is unlucky and the other is going well, there was a plan that required the unhappy monkey to stay on the ground, the lucky monkey climbed into the banana tree and picked it up and threw it to the bottom, unfortunately, the farmer saw two monkeys stealing bananas, so he grabbed The lucky monkey hit a tree and hit the unlucky monkey, but the lucky monkey ran away carrying the banana, this time, the lucky monkey was still on the ground, and when the farmer saw them, he grabbed the lucky monkey and didn't hit him, the third time the two monkeys switched places but the farmer decided to hit the monkey on top of this tree The time instead of the monkey at the bottom of the tree, as usual, the miserable monkey was hit for the third time in a row, and the lucky monkey ran away with a smile.

Juha responds to abuse

One day, Juha took a judge and a merchant on a trip, and because of his spontaneity in speaking, they mocked him all the way, so the judge bragged about his knowledge and his position, and said: People who talk a lot make many mistakes, Juha answered them and said: Yes, there are many mistakes in my speech, once I wanted To say: Two judges in Hell, so I erred. I said: “One judge in Hell.” Then again I wanted to say: The ungodly are in Hell, so I mistakenly said: Merchants are in Hell until the two people understood the meaning.

The story of Juha and the donkey

Juha bought ten donkeys, and he rode one and nine in front of him, then he counted the donkeys, and forgot the donkey he was riding on, and found that they were nine, so he went down and counted the donkeys and found them ten. I ride on one of them and lose a donkey.

Juha, utensils, and childbirth

Once Juha borrowed utensils from a neighbor, and when he returned them to them, he brought small utensils with her. His neighbor asked him why did you bring me small utensils, Juha, with the borrowed utensils? Juha said to him: Your tableware was born yesterday, and the small tableware is now your right. The man was very happy and took the pot to his house, and after a while, Juha went to the neighbor and asked him about other things, so his neighbor gave him what he wanted, and after a long time Juha did not want the pot, so he went to his neighbor to ask about him in his house, so Juha cried and greeted him while he was crying. Tell him: Why do I see you crying Juha? Juha cried and said to him your pot died yesterday, my friend, so his neighbor said to him while he was angry: How does the pot die, man? Juha said: Do you believe that the vessel will give birth, but do not believe that it will die?

spear length rope

Once a man came to the judge to rule on his case, and the judge asked him: What is your accusation, man? The man said calmly to him: Sir, there is nothing but that I stole a rope as long as a spear, and the judge said surprised: Have you been brought to justice for stealing this short rope?

Caliph and poet

According to the news, the Caliph recited a poem in front of the guests and the accompanying delegation, including a poet, and asked the poet: Is it very eloquent? The poet replied: I cannot smell eloquence, by God! The Caliph got angry and ordered the poet to be imprisoned in the stable with a horse and a donkey. He asked: Where are you going? The poet replied: I will go to the stable, my lord!

Dialogue between teacher and student 

  • Professor: Solids expand when heated and contract when cooled, give me an idea? Student: The summer vacation is extended to four months, and the winter vacation is only two weeks.
  • Professor: So where is China? Student: Professor, not far away, we have a Chinese student who rides a bicycle every morning.
  • Teacher: If your mother used 422 dirhams to buy shirts and 99 dirhams to buy shoes, what would the result be? Student: My father will divorce her.
  • Professor: If your father bought a leather jacket for 211 dirhams and divided it into four months, how much would he pay each month? Student: 10 dirhams Professor: Wrong son, you don't know anything about addiction and subtraction Student: No sir, you don't know anything about my father.
  • Student: Teacher, did you know that we can easily remember a world map, me and my brother? Teacher: Where is France then? Student: Oh my God, that's what my sister remembers.