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Cinderella is a name that means strength and courage. Learn about Cinderella's story

 If Cinderella came back to pick up her shoes, she wouldn't be a princess.

Today we will talk about one of the most beautiful ancient classic stories from which we learn many sermons and lessons.

Once upon a time, a gentleman was living with his wife and his beautiful child, and she was a gentle, charming, and kind girl.

And they lived happily ever after, and then one day the man's wife died, leaving her little girl. After the days passed, the father decided to marry another woman to help him raise his daughter Cinderella. Unlike his first wife, this woman was hard-hearted and arrogant and had two daughters of the same character as their mother.

After the death of her father, the wife began to treat Cinderella badly, because of her jealousy of her beauty and goodness, and made her a servant for her and her two daughters, Anastasia and Doria.


She was the one who got up every morning, prepared food, washed dishes and clothes, and cleaned the house.

She was by the fire and the constant ashes, so her face was a little dirty with the ashes, and the poor girl couldn't clean her face. And when she went to bring them food at the table, her stepmother mocked her, because of her face and her dirty clothes, and called her Cinderella.

She also did not allow her to eat with them but was left with leftovers, and she shared her food with her friends, mice, and birds.

At the end of the day sometimes, the attic air was too cold to sleep there, so she lay down by the embers of the remaining stove to keep warm.

Meet the prince in the jungle

If Cinderella had been as cruel to her stepmother's daughters, she might not have gone into the woods, and she would not have met the Prince for the first time. Cinderella was saddened by her stepmother's mockery of her name and ran into the woods, where she saw the Prince for the first time. But the prince did not tell her that he was the prince and told her that his name was Kate and he worked in the palace, and he was astonished by her charming beauty and the kindness of her heart.

The prince's invitation to the girls of the state

The prince had to marry, and the king wanted him to marry a princess-like him to raise the affairs of the kingdom. But the prince loved Cinderella very much. And the king told him that he would hold a party in which they would invite all the princesses so that the prince would choose a wife for him, but the prince said to him, “Let us invite the people also to celebrate with us.” The prince's true intention was to invite the people to meet Cinderella again.

And one day an invitation came to the house:

  • That the prince had prepared a great party and invited all the people to attend this party, and that he would choose a wife for him at the party.
  • Therefore, all girls should attend the party, whether they are princesses or from the general class.
  • The invitation was comprehensive and did not exclude anyone. Cinderella was very happy with this invitation, and it was an opportunity for her to meet her friend Kate. And the stepmother Cinderella made her work all day long to help her daughters wear dresses, decorate them and prepare them. So that there is no time left for Cinderella to be able to make her dress.

Cinderella said:

When can I?

The stepmother entered the room. And she said to her:

When can you what? what do you want?

Cinderella said:

When will I have time to make my own dress for the party?

The stepmother shouted:

you!!! Who said you were going to the party? You'll never go to this party, I don't want anyone to compare my daughter to a maid.

Her stepmother vehemently refused, telling her that she would stay at home to wash the dishes and tidy up.

And on the day of the party

Cinderella wanted to go to the party so much, she was too sad to be left at home alone. Suddenly, a good fairy appears and tells Cinderella that she will help her attend the party.


And the geneticist used her magic to turn Cinderella into a princess, making her wear a blue dress and glass shoes. She also turned pumpkins into a luxurious white chariot, and mice into horses.

Cinderella was so excited that she could now attend the party.

The witch told her that the magic would expire in the middle of the hour, at the third minute of the middle of the hour. And that she should go home before that.

Cinderella got into the carriage and went to the party, and when she entered the party, all the people in the palace were fascinated by her beauty, and when the prince saw her, he went straight to her, and he was very happy with her presence.

He asked her to dance with her and then they went to eat together and talked together and then Cinderella learned, that Kate was the prince. She was very happy and forgot herself, and did not notice the time until twelve o'clock.

So she ran quickly so that her truth would not be revealed, and the prince followed her to find out who she was, and she lost one of her shoes on the stairs, and she could not take it because of the time and the approach of the prince to her.

I got into the carriage and sped off quickly, and only a single glass of shoes was left on Cinderella's trail.

glass shoe

Days passed, and the prince was sad because of the disappearance of the beautiful woman, of whom only a glass shoe remained, and he did not know what to do to find her.

Then an idea came to him, so he called the chief guard, and ordered him to take the glass shoe, and pass all the houses of the kingdom. And he tells them that the prince will marry the girl who fits her shoe, whether she is rich or from the common people.

And the chief guard set out to do what the prince had said and searched every house in the city for the mysterious girl whose foot fit the glass shoe. The search for the girl was long, and the shoe did not enter the man of any girl in the Kingdom.

Where the fairy cast her magic on the shoe so that it would not fit the feet of any girl other than Cinderella.

When he arrived at the wicked stepmother's house, both girls tried on the shoe, but it didn't fit them either.


He asked her if there was any other girl in the house, and she told him that there was no other girl. Where she had locked Cinderella in the attic of the house. And when they were leaving, he heard a beautiful singing voice.

And when he asked her:

She said she is no one, she is only the maid of the house.

Cinderella put on the shoe and they found that the shoe belonged to her. Her stepmother and two daughters were astonished when she took out the other shoe.

Then the two girls went to Cinderella and asked her to forgive them for what they had done to her. She told them that she had forgiven them. Then the prince and Cinderella got married and they held a big party in the presence of all the people of the kingdom, and they lived happily ever after.

Thus, our girl managed to win the prince's heart with her kindness and innocence.