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Learn about the events of the story of our master Adam

 We tell you in detail the story of our master Adam, peace be upon him. Adam is the first of the prophets and the first humans on earth who were sent by God to inhabit it and from here his events begin. His story is one of the most prominent religious stories that many people want to know, especially the modern generations. Therefore, by following up, we show you the full details.

The story of the creation of Adam

 He was created from clay all over the world to become the sons of Adam, white and black in color. After that, God breathed into him the soul, as mentioned in the Noble Book of God “When your Lord said to the angels that I create humans from clay, so if you level him And I breathed into him of My spirit, so fall down to him in prostration.” He commanded the angels to prostrate him.

God created Adam and distinguished him with thick hair, and his length was 123 feet and nine inches, or approximately 37 meters.

He also mentioned that its length is sixty cubits, and its width is seven cubits.

God taught Adam all the names, as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, “And He taught Adam all the names,” meaning all languages.

But the language in which he descended to earth was Arabic because it was the language of Paradise.

And when he descended to earth, he was speaking in the Syriac language.

Each religion wants to attribute its language to them, as we find that the Jews say that his language was Hebrew.

The ancient Hebrew language was different from the current Hebrew.

And the meaning of Adam is the earth, and the word Eve means life.

As for the Christians, they used to say that Adam's language was the Adamic language, and the ancient Christians mentioned that his language was the Latin language.

The story of Adam with the Devil

God Almighty created our master Adam from clay, then breathed the soul into him and commanded all the angels to prostrate to him, so they all prostrated except for Satan. He refused and said: I do not prostrate to the creation of a creature of clay, for I am better than him. You created me from fire.

Hence he was cursed and expelled from the gardens of bliss, as he was determined to spread corruption, hatred, and ruin among the servants of God on earth, except for the righteous servants.

Where we find the events of the story of Adam with Satan in several surahs in the Holy Qur’an.

The story of our master Adam and Eve

  • After Satan’s exit from Paradise, Adam lived alone in it, and to reassure his unity, God created Eve for him to be his partner and to live together in the bounties and bliss of Paradise, but he warned them not to approach a tree or eat from it.
  • From here, the devil whispered to Adam and his wife Eve to eat an apple from the tree that God forbade to get out of the Gardens of Eternity.
  • But they did not respond at first until after he took the oath that it was an order from God, but the oath was false.

The story of Adam and the apple

  • Indeed, our master Adam was deceived by the words of Satan and did not expect to swear the oath of God as a liar, and he forgot God’s warning not to approach the tree.
  • Indeed, the evil appeared and he ate from the apple and ran away from each other.
  • Then God deprived them of Paradise and sent them down to earth to begin a new life.
  • Where he said in his dear book: “I am going to place a caliph on the earth.”

The story of our master Adam after he descended to earth

  • Adam lived with Eve on earth, and she became pregnant and gave birth twenty times, and each time she gave birth to a male and a female, but “Set” was alone without twins.
  • Their first son was Cain and his twin, then Abel and his twin, the last of whom was Abd al-Madhav and his twin, Umm Modify.
  • And when God commanded them to marry each other's twins to continue reproduction and offspring, Cain refused, hence the first murder in humanity.

Adam's death

  • After he fulfilled the mission for which God created him, he handed the mission over to his son, Chet, to continue his path, and after him, his offspring and offspring multiplied.
  • He instructed him to hide this thing from his brother Cain and his son so that he would not be killed, as his brother had said out of malice and envy.
  • It was mentioned that Adam, peace be upon him, fell seriously ill 11 days before his death, as he died on Friday and was buried in Abu Qubais mountain in Mecca.

Thus we have come with you to the end of the story of our master Adam. Adam taught people how to deal and how to live as God taught him, how to work, ride the seas, make food, and how make things themselves.