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Learn the story of the princess and the pea

 The Princess and the Pea Story is a fairy tale written by Danish writer Hans Christian.

The Princess and the Pea story tells of the princess who wants to marry a real princess, how he chooses her, and, the difficulties he faces to find the right princess. The story was published in 1835 AD. The story has been converted into several cartoon films.

The Princess and the Pea Story

Once upon a time, there was a prince he wanted to marry, but he wanted her to have the characteristics of a real princess so that he could marry her.

And his mother, the queen, told him that a true princess should be gentle, have a soft voice, know how to dress, and be very elegant and not greedily eat big and smart.

The prince began searching for a princess who possessed the qualities of a true princess and traveled all over the earth to find her. And he went to all the kingdoms to see the princesses.

But the prince always found something strange in girls who did not have the characteristics of the princess he wanted.

He went to a princess and found her eating too much and not paying attention to him. Others are not interested in reading and do not know anything, and others are arrogant and arrogant.

The prince did not find any princess-worthy to marry, and the prince grieved greatly and returned to his castle sad, for not finding the princess.

The king and queen did not know what to do to help the prince.

Prince's interview with a beautiful princess

One rainy night, there was a strong storm and strong winds, and the rain didn't stop all night.

Then suddenly they heard a light knock on the castle door. Outside the door was a girl whose hair was wet and water was falling from her. Her clothes were dirty because of the storm.

And the girl said to them:

Let me stay at your house tonight, it's raining so hard.

She also told them:

She is a real princess, but because of the heavy rain, her clothes got dirty.

The queen allowed her to enter and stay in the castle, but they did not believe that she was a real princess because of her appearance.

Her hair was messy and wet, her clothes tattered, her shoes slick with mud, and she didn't wear a princess tiara, as all princesses do.

Everyone in the castle began to whisper:

This is no longer a princess. A real princess would never get into such a situation, she's a liar girl, who do you think she is?

The Princess and the Pea

But the queen was a kind queen, and decided to help the princess and asked her to take a warm bath and offered her some dry clothes and a bed so she could sleep on.

And the queen was very smart, and wanted to know if this girl was a real princess or not, but without telling the king and prince what was happening.

After the princess took her warm bath, the girl became clean and beautiful and looked like a real princess, but the queen's test has not yet begun.

princess test

Then the queen ordered her servants to put twenty soft mattresses on the bed and asked them to bring a green pea, and the queen put it under the last mattress. Then the princess fell asleep on the bed.

The next morning, the girl woke up and the queen asked her to join them for breakfast, but the girl looked very tired.

Then the queen asked her:

How was your sleep last night? Did you sleep well, girl?

And the princess said to her:

Your Majesty, I ascended to the highest rank and tried to sleep. But there was something uncomfortable in the bed, and I stayed up all night no matter how hard I tried to sleep, there must have been something under the bed that kept me up all night.

The queen was overjoyed at the princess' response, and the queen said to the king:

  • My dear, she is a real princess.
  • Because only a real princess can feel a little green pea under all those mattresses.
  • The prince felt joy and happiness to find the real princess, and that his search for the princess was finally over, and those in the castle were finally able to feel at ease.
  • The prince married the girl and they lived happily and with great love.

You can read the story The Princess and the Pea to your children before bed for them to enjoy at night. Reading stories is one of the beautiful ways that parents communicate with their children.

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