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Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most beautiful children's stories

 Little Red Riding Hood or the story of Laila and the Wolf, is a children's fairy tale, written by the French writer Charles Perrault.

The story was very famous around the world, and it was modified by many writers, then the Brothers Grimm changed some of the content of the story to suit the children and to make the end happy by saving Laila and her grandmother, and until she reached the story that we know now.

the story of Lyla and the Wolf

A long time ago, a beautiful girl lived with her mother, and she always liked to wear a red dress with a headscarf. In her village, she was known for her love for this beautiful robe.

One day, her mother told her to go visit her sick grandmother and give her some delicious food.

Laila agreed and said, "Okay mom, I'll go."

Her grandmother lived in a house located in the depths of the forest. Her mother warned her not to talk to strangers, not to stand in the way, and to go to her grandmother directly.

And he lived in the forest as a wicked and deceitful wolf. Laila took the food and went to her grandmother, and on the way, the wolf saw Laila in the red dress and wanted to eat her badly and what was in her basket.

Layla and the Wolf interview

The wolf began watching Laila's movements silently and quietly from behind the trees of the forest in order not to see him.

After a while, the wolf came out from behind a tree, greeted it, and started playing with it. After playing he asked her where she was going.

Laila replied innocently and told him where she was going:

  • I'm going to my grandmother, she's sick and can't move, and I'm going to give her some delicious food.
  • The wolf told her that she should gather some beautiful flowers from the forest to give to her grandmother when she goes to her, for her grandmother will be very happy with the flowers.
  • And when the wolf found out where she was going, he decided to precede her to her grandmother's house and eat her grandmother first, then wait for her to come and devour her too.
  • He reached Grandma's house and devoured her completely, while the girl was still playing and collecting flowers in the forest.
  • Then the wolf quickly put on her grandmother's clothes and hid in bed waiting for the girl.
  • When the girl arrived at her grandmother's house, she found her in bed, and when she saw her grandmother, she was surprised by her strange shape, and Laila began to ask her grandmother.

Laila said:

Why is your voice so big, Grandma?

wolf reply:

To greet you in a better way.

Laila asked her again:

And why are your eyes so big, Grandma?

And the wolf replied:

To see you better, my child

Laila said:

And why are your hands so big, Grandma?

And the wolf said to her:

So I can hold you baby.

Laila asked him again:

And why is your mouth so big, Grandma?

And the wolf said to her:

So I can devour you girl.

The wolf laughed an evil laugh and began to move to pounce on her.

Little Red Riding Hood was so frightened when she found the wolf, she started screaming for help.

Little Red Riding Hood

A good woodcutter was passing near the grandmother's house, and when he heard the cry of the little girl, he ran to the house and saw the big wolf trying to catch the little girl. He immediately hit the wolf on the head with his ax.

Then the woodcutter cut the wolf's stomach and took out the grandmother. Laila hugged her grandmother happily. And the evil wolf could never hurt anyone again. 

From then on, Laila learned that she should never talk to strangers again and that she should hear her mother's words.

The moral of the story

You should not talk to strangers. You must always listen to the words of the parents and obey their orders.