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Meaningful and fun children's stories that instill some wonderful values ​​in your child

 Children love to read short stories, and there are many parents who like many parents like to tell their children meaningful and fun stories.

Follow us in this article about meaningful and fun children's stories that instill some wonderful values ​​in your children.

Children's Stories

The ugly duckling story

This story takes place on a farm. There was a duck on the farm that was waiting for its eggs to hatch, and the eggs started to hatch one by one.

Out of the eggs came a beautiful little duck with beautiful yellow feathers, and the large egg remained and did not hatch. The mother duck thought that this egg would come out the most beautiful duck because of its large size.

So the mother decided to lie on the egg a little longer until it hatched.

After a while, the last egg hatched, and an ugly duck covered with gray feathers emerged from it. The mother duck was astonished at this duck and grieved greatly because of its ugliness.

Children's Stories

Everyone kept making fun of the different duck, even its brothers, and called it the ugly duckling.

The ugly duckling was sad, and decided to leave the farm and went to live by a small lake, and when winter came the duck felt sad and cold because of being alone and away from her mother.

As for her sisters, they were sitting in the warmth by their mother's side.

And when the farmer saw her, he went to her and gave her some food, and then took her to his farm, but the farm animals didn't like the ugly duckling, and they made fun of her too.

The duck became sad and decided to leave the farm.

The duck went to the forest and all the animals were astonished by this strange shape of the duck and none of the animals liked it because of its different shape.

I hid in a small burrow away from animals. After the winter ended, the duck was very happy with the end of winter and the end of the bitter cold that almost killed it.

And when she went to the lake to drink some water, she looked at herself and found that she had turned into a beautiful white bird with a long neck and large wings and soft and white feathers, so she was very happy with her shape.

And when she looked up at the sky, she saw a flock of beautiful swans. She flew to them and jumped happily because of her new shape.

When she returned to her brothers on the farm to check on them, they were astonished by her beauty and told her that she was the most beautiful swan they had ever seen.

Children's Stories

The story of the greedy crocodile

This story is about a greedy crocodile and a little boy.

In a river there was a very greedy crocodile, he was not satisfied with little and always wanted more and more, and one day a boy passed by the river, and the boy had some meat in his hand.

And when the crocodile saw the boy, he was very hungry. He decided to eat the boy and the meat together.

So he wanted to deceive the boy, and he thought a lot about how to deceive the boy. The crocodile called the boy.

Crocodile said:

“Oh! Little boy! Can you give me some meat?"

boy said:

“No, I will never come near you, you will eat me.”

The crocodile said to him:

“I will never do that, I promise, I will not eat you, I just want some meat to eat, I am very hungry.

The boy believed the crocodile's words and reassured him, so the boy approached the crocodile and began to give him some of the meat he owned. But the crocodile didn't believe his words, and instead, the crocodile tried to grab the boy. I just grabbed his arm.

Children's Stories

And there was a rabbit walking, and he saw what was happening, and they were to help the boy to get rid of the crocodile's grip.

The rabbit ran. And when the crocodile saw the rabbit, and he wanted to eat it too, the rabbit began to evade the crocodile. The crocodile decided to eat the rabbit first, so he let go of the boy's arm.

When the boy crocodile got away, they escaped, and he and the rabbit ran away together. And the cunning crocodile did not get his dinner.

This story teaches that we should not be too greedy because greed makes a person lose what they have.

You can tell these fun children's stories to your child to teach him some beautiful values ​​and lessons.