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Short and interesting bedtime stories

 Bedtime tales for adults are fun and useful, and not just for young people as we are used to, bedtime tales for adults facilitate the process of falling asleep, and through which they can give some values, and lessons learned that adults need, and through which they can hint at some advice in an indirect way.

Bedtime stories for adults

One of the best things that you can do to change someone's behavior is bedtime stories for adults. It gives self-confidence and the person is more likely to listen to advice. Because in this case it is not directed to him.

It also works on developing imagination, stimulating the brain, in addition to a sense of intimacy and closeness, especially if it is between spouses. Below we will present the best bedtime stories for adults:

Bedtime stories for adults

A fisherman was going to work every morning, and one day he found a very beautiful girl, and he liked her, but he ignored it, and when he saw her several times by chance

  • And he said to himself, I must talk to her, and he went to talk to her and found her gone.
  • And he started looking for her everywhere, as he loved her deeply, and saw her once, so he ran towards her quickly, and said to her, “I want to marry you.”
  • She started crying hard, and said to him, "My father wants to marry me to a rich man."
  • So the fisherman went to the father of this girl to ask for her hand, but her father asked him to offer him twice what the rich man would offer her, until he agreed to it, so the fisherman sold everything he owned to give it to her father.
  • But he could not accumulate this great fortune, so he asked the girl's father to give him some time to collect the money.
  • And when the hunter went to the girl's house, he found singing, dancing, and guests, and he imagined that this party was the marriage of the girl he loved to the rich man.
  • But when he entered, he found her father telling him, “I will not find a better husband for her than you. You will do the impossible to make her happy.” The hunter married her, and their lives were full of happiness.

Bedtime stories for adults

  • In the past, there was a very large island, and every year a king ruled it and left it, and he ruled another island in which he would stay for the rest of his life, and a ruler came to rule it and he was very loved by its people.
  • After spending a year in power, the time came to say goodbye, so the people of the island bid him farewell with tears.
  • And when he boarded the ship and headed to the city in which he will spend the rest of his life, some people went with him, and they found a young man hanging in wood, so they rescued him.
  • The people asked this young man to be the king over them, and they told him the rules of governance, and that he would rule the island for a year. And he goes to another island for the rest of his life, so he decided to see the island where he will stay first, and he found many wild animals there.
  • He also saw the bodies of the previous kings, so he asked the people to clean up this island, and indeed it became similar to paradise, and after a year of... Judgment, the decision came to transfer him to the other island. He smiled, and they asked him why he smiled.
  • He said that all the previous rulers were busy with the period of rule, but now I am busy with the paradise in which I will live for the rest of my life.

Moon face story

part One

  • Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl, who was loved by everyone, who helped the weak, and gave aid to all who needed it.
  • And she was called the face of the moon, in the same village in which this girl lived, there lived a witch, who helped those who valued her, and harmed those who abused her.
  • There was also a girl named Emerald, but this girl had a lot of grudges. The malice, the ridicule of people. Everyone was alienated from her and did not like her.
  • And the face of the moon and an emerald went to the witch, but the face of the moon treated her kindly, and she did what she asked with love, and the witch asked her. Cleaning the house, combing her hair, and doing other things.
  • And the girl carried out all the requests in the best way, but Zumrurud every time the witch asked her to do something, refused, and the witch became annoyed with her.
  • And one day the witch took the face of the moon and took her to a great sea, and took out gold from it, and presented it to her to reward her for her good nobility, and her obedience to her, and she gave her a lot of food, so an emerald was jealous of the face of the moon.
  • So the witch also took her and took her to the same sea, thinking that the witch would give her the face of the moon, but the witch took out huge snakes and scorpions from the sea and gave them to her.

The second part

During the return of the face of the moon, she found people looking for food, so she gave them the food that the witch had given her, so they prayed for her, and they gave her many pills, and told her that she would need them

On her return home, she found a very large and very tall tree, and she said to her, What a beautiful tree you are, and she watered it. The tree said to her: He made your hair like my height, and indeed her hair began to grow at a terrible speed, and after that, she found a crow and gave him the pills that were with her, and the crow said to her, Make your hair color like my black, and do not make it in your face, so her face became pure white, and her hair very black, which made her a very beautiful girl.

And during the return of Zumuruda, she saw the people, and she mocked them, and their ugliness, and when she saw the tall tree, she said to her, What an ugly tree, so she prayed for her with long eyelashes and short hair.

And this actually happened, so Emerald was afraid and left, and when she saw the black crow, she mocked him, so he called her the blackness of her face and the whiteness of her hair, and it became. It looks very ugly.

And when they both returned to the house, the prince was walking in the streets, and he found the face of the moon, and he admired her for her great beauty and asked her to marry him, so he became angry with an emerald, and she said that she would kill the face of the moon, and wed the prince in her place.

Emerald hijacked the face of the moon on her wedding day and sat in her place, but the black crow came and began to say, the face of the moon was kidnapped.

And the wicked Emerald is sitting in her place, and when the prince heard him, he went and saved the face of the moon, and he ordered that Emerald be imprisoned, and the prince married the face of the moon, and they lived a happy life together.

Cheating story

  • There was a small village on the verge of famine for them, so the ruler ordered them to prepare themselves for it, and they had already stocked up food and water, and laid down. All in the middle of the village.
  • The governor asked them to bring each one of them a glass of milk and put it all in the large pot in the center of the village. without one seeing the other.
  • And in the morning the governor found that the pot was full of water, and not milk, so he asked them where the milk I asked them to bring, and they all answered. A glass of water will not affect a pot full of milk.
  • He knew that all of them put a cup of water instead of milk, and when the famine began, they found nothing to satisfy their hunger because they cheated themselves.

The story of the butterfly and the man

  • A butterfly was emerging from the cocoon, and a man saw it and thought that it needed his help, so the man took it and cut the cocoon to help it. After cutting it, he was astonished by what he saw. The butterfly was underdeveloped and could not fly.
  • But the cocoon was helping her to complete her growth, and because of what he did. He missed the opportunity to complete her growth, so the man was very sad about what he had done. He could not save her with anything other than to look at her in pain because of what he had done.

In this article, we talked about bedtime stories for adults, as they are not just what we thought for the little ones, but there are some interesting stories. Through which this we can enjoy the time, and get some of the benefits, and the sermons we need in our lives.