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Short horror stories written 2022

 Many of us love horror stories, especially short ones, especially if short horror stories are close to the reality in which we live, or are told by those who lived in an atmosphere of terror in fact, and we will try through this article to list two of the most terrifying stories.

Ghost story of a child in the room

The events of the story begin with a family moving to a new house, which was located in a remote area. The house was large and beautiful. This family consisted of a mother and her daughter, one of whom is still a baby, while the other is 7 years old. The mother tells that on the first night in the new house And when she was lying on her bed, she suddenly felt something next to her, as if someone was sitting next to her on the edge of the bed. The mother opened her eyes, thinking that her eldest daughter had come to her room and sat next to her, but she was surprised that there was no one.

Story events

  • The mother tried to complete her sleep, saying to herself that what she felt was nothing more than baseless fantasies.
  • But the strange thing is that this happens every night until she feels that someone is sleeping next to her every day.
  • And that breaths are chasing her everywhere, then the matter developed after that and she began to notice that her infant daughter was looking at something and following it with her eyes left and right, even though there was no one with her.
  • All this made the mother feel that there was something mysterious in this house, and her suspicions were confirmed when a relative came to visit her.
  • As soon as he entered the house, he told her that there was something mysterious in the house, and the mother rose from her cousin's talk.
  • And her horror increased when this relative asked her about the child who was playing with her daughter in the attic room.
  • There is only her and two daughters in the house. The relative replied that he saw a boy standing in the upper window as he entered the house.
  • The mother went up to the upper room hurriedly to make sure of this conversation, but she was surprised by her daughter as if someone was playing with her, but it was something invisible. The girl answered: I am playing with my friend. The mother said: Where is this friend of yours? The girl pointed to a certain point as if she saw something.
  • Suddenly the mother heard a terrifying voice calling her by her name. The mother did not wait long, but quickly ran away from the house, shivering in terror after taking her two daughters, and she made a decision not to return to this house again, whatever the cost.

Janet's story

  • This story actually happened in the seventies of the last century, but its heroine "Janet" is still alive to this day.
  • This story began in a large house in London in an area called Anfield, that house was owned by a lady named Margaret.
  • She is a divorced woman and lives with her four children, these children are Peggy 12 years old, Janet 10 years old, Johnny 11 years old, and Billy 7 years old.
  • One night in 1977, Margaret asked her children to sleep, it was too late, and she was watching a movie on TV.
  • A few minutes after the children entered their rooms, the mother heard a loud screaming in the girls' room, and the mother ran into the room.
  • But when she entered the room, she found the girls, their faces terrified, and their eyes fixed on the cupboard.
  • When the mother looked at the cupboard and found that the cupboard was not in place, Margaret was amazed and asked the girls.
  • But they swore they had done nothing, so I asked them to help her put the wheel back in place.
  • But surprisingly, the wheel moved again, the mother was frightened, and she felt that the house was haunted by the jinn.
  • This was confirmed to her when she heard successive bangs on the wall of the wall, so the mother decided to leave the house immediately.
  • She took her children and her bags and went to a neighbor who lives with her in the same area.

Story events

  • Then she sent her husband, "Vic" to Margaret's house to find out what was really happening, and this "Vic" was a big man who was not afraid of anything.
  • At first, Vic didn't feel anything strange, but after only a few minutes passed and he heard banging on the wall on the second floor.
  • And when he got up, he started hearing bangs in different places, then he heard kneeling noises in the basement of the house.
  • He heard terrifying noises, and ran back to his house, shivering with terror.
  • After a while, Margaret decided to return to her home, and live with what was happening, and after the story of the house spread, international newspapers began to send journalists to this house.
  • Several journalists have seen the furniture of the house move from its place.
  • Which prompted the BBC to send audio and video equipment to record what is happening in the home.
  • But what happened was that someone spoiled all the recordings and devices.
  • Then several detectives who came to the house noticed all the horrific actions that take place in the presence of the girl Janet.
  • Following her, someone heard her speaking in a terrifying male voice. The investigators confirmed that this girl was possessed by an evil spirit.
  • Through talking with this spirit, the investigators learned a lot of information that eventually helped them eliminate this spirit.
  • And with that, we have come to the end of our article Short Horror Stories, in which we presented two of the most terrifying stories.