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The most famous and strangest Japanese myths

 Japanese myths are very famous, due to the ancient and ancient Japanese civilization and its privileged location in the continent of Asia. Japanese myths are famous for either telling a story meant to teach life, or stories made up by those who follow a ruler to urge his obedience.

We will mention some of the most famous of these legends to learn more about Japanese culture and folklore.

Japanese myths and women

These legends tell of women who have been betrayed, the death of their children, or their family problems. What distinguishes these legends is that they illustrate the strength of women and the severity of their revenge even after her death, and we will tell the most famous of these legends.

The legend of Owia

This legend is a Japanese myth about infidelity and revenge. This is one of the most famous horror legends in Japan. This legend tells the story of a woman who was poisoned by her husband. The husband poisoned Oiwa because he admired their neighbor's wealthy granddaughter.

Iowa wakes up to find her face distorted, her eyes drooping, and her hair falling out. Frustrated and depressed, Oiwa dies, but her ghost constantly haunts her husband to take revenge on him, especially in Japanese paper lanterns.

The legend of the mountain witch

Mountain Witch (Yama Oba), the story of this witch begins when she was living with her family in a village in Japan. This village was subjected to mass starvation, its people were unable to feed it, so they took it to the forest and left it there.

Yama Oba was terrified while staying in the forest, a girl abandoned by her family, starving in a remote forest, kept looking for a place where she could stay until she found a mountain with a cave and hid in the cave.

She remained hungry and deserted in a remote place, and hunger began to control her until she found a solution to offer the travelers to stay in the cave. So her terrifying story began eating travelers.

She turns to Yama Aoba, the old crone, who appears to the travelers who have lost their way near this mountain, and appears to them as a sweet girl who offers them shelter to rest from the fatigue of travel. And when they sleep, she cuffs them with her enchanted hair and eats them with her terrifying mouth.

Japanese myths about motherhood

One of the most famous Japanese myths, whose heroine is the mother, is the album myth. An album is a being or ghost of a mother who died during the birth of their children. The legend tells that a mother who dies while giving birth to her baby will turn her soul into a ghost that cannot cross into the other world because she is concerned for her child. There are two types of Obama, the first type is the spirits of mothers who have died and their children are still alive. These spirits appear in the evening and go to shops and homes to buy supplies for their baby and are recognized by sellers when you give them money that turns into dried leaves. The other kind of album is those mothers with whom their children died, who appear in the evening carrying the infant and shouting loudly for help if they find someone to hold the infant. Once this person carries the baby, it turns into a rock, and its weight continues to increase until the person carrying it breaks due to its size and weight.

foxes in japan

In many ancient cultures and civilizations, there were legends about foxes. Japanese civilization is famous for its legends of foxes with stories of kidnapping. Japanese myths tell that foxes had such supernatural powers that the fox could transform into a beautiful woman who seduced men in the evening, leaving their families to live together.

One of the famous stories about foxes is that a married man is embarrassed by night, on his way, he meets a beautiful woman who seduces him to go with her that night. The next day, the man swore to that woman to stay with her for life, but the man's wife began to worry, so she continued praying and praying for her husband to return. The gods answered the wife's prayer to hear a voice coming from the cellar. The woman goes down to find her husband unconscious and a fox running away at her sight.

Now that we have told some of the Japanese myths, it becomes clear to us that Japan, like all cultures, has its own myths and beliefs that the Japanese have believed in for decades, and in one way or another, these myths affected their lives and thoughts at the time. We hope you have enjoyed reading this interesting article.