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The story of Adam, peace be upon him, for children

 Today we are discussing with you one of the most prominent stories of the prophets, which is the story of Adam, peace be upon him, for children simply and easily. Many families may want to tell these kinds of stories to their young children to instill religious and moral values ​​in them and teach them noble qualities.

The story of Adam, peace be upon him, for children and how he was created

The story of Adam, peace be upon him, for children

  • Adam is the first creature on the face of the earth created by God from dust, where He took a ram from all over the world, with its different types, soft and hard, and from rocks.
  • Then he poured water on it and left it until it became mud.
  • Then he left it for a while until the color of the clay turned black, and then he formed it in the form of a creature.
  • And after he became in the form of a body, God breathed into him the soul, so he became a living person, moving and speaking after he was inanimate. This is from the power of God Almighty.
  • God taught Adam all the names, that is, he began to speak all languages, and his language was the language of Paradise, which is the Arabic language.
  • He also made him distinguish between all things, and he began to know the names of each king by his name, and when God presented him to the angels and said to them, Do you know him, they answered in the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
  • And when Adam came to them and knew their names, they knew that God Almighty preferred Adam, peace be upon him, over the angels.

Adam in Heaven

  • God entered Adam into Paradise to enjoy what no eye has seen and no ear has heard.
  • And one day, he woke up and found Eve at his head, for God had created her from his rib, to be a comfort to him, to sympathize with his loneliness, and to talk to her.
  • Eve was very beautiful and loved Adam very sincerely and he also loved her and was happy with God's creation of her.
  • Adam and Eve lived in Paradise, enjoying bliss and the best dwelling, drink, and food, and there was no fatigue or sadness in it.
  • God left them in it and told them that everything in it was permissible except for a specific tree, he warned them not to approach it.
  • He also warned them of the devil's whispers to them, so they should not carry out what he says, as he is the first enemy to them and their offspring.

How does the devil enter heaven again?

  • Satan took revenge on them, as he did not want to see Adam Saeed in the paradise from which he was expelled and to enter it again.
  • He found a peacock passing in front of them and said to him: What do you think that I hide in you in another heaven in exchange for teaching you all the words that protect you from death?
  • The peacock refused to help him, then told the beast what Satan had told him.
  • So the serpent went to the devil and said to him: What do you think that you enter inside my mouth, then we enter Paradise, and he agreed directly.

The story of Adam, peace be upon him, with the tree

  • Satan whispered to Adam and Eve to eat from that tree that God forbade them from. He said to Eve: What did God command you and what he forbade you? She replied to him, saying: God Almighty has commanded us to eat from all the bliss of Paradise, on the condition that we do not approach that tree.
  • Satan said to her: God knows that you will not die, so if you ate from that tree, you would become kings, knowing all the evil and good things.
  • And whoever eats of you before the other becomes a sultan.
  • Eve and Adam raced to reach the tree before the other.
  • Eve arrived before him, then took an apple from the tree and ate it, then fed it to Adam.
  • The story of Adam, peace be upon him, for children while he was on earth
  • God called to them and said, “Did I not forbid you from that tree and not approach it?” Adam regretted this action and repented to God.
  • But God punished them and sent them down to the earth to live on it.
  • He enraged the serpent, as it was crawling on its stomach after it was four-legged.
  • Adam descended to the earth and bore approximately forty sons and daughters, the first of whom was Cain and his twin, and the last of whom was Abd al-Mughith and his twin Ummah al-Munich.
  • He also had Abel, who was murdered by his brother, and had a son, Seth, of whom we are all children.
  • Adam died after suffering from illness and commanded his son Seth to complete his mission so that he would not tell his brother Abel so that he would not kill him too.

Thus, we have come to the end of the story of Adam, peace be upon him, for children in detail. Follow us to mention to you the most prominent religious stories of the prophets, from which you benefit from a lot of sermons.