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The story of Cain and Abel, the first murder in history

 The story of Cain and Abel are the sons of God’s Prophet Adam, peace be upon him, and their name is associated with their story mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, especially in Surat Al-Ma’idah. Adam married Eve, and after they lived in Paradise, they descended from her to earth because of their sin and heard the words of Satan and ate from the fruit, and from here the reconstruction began In the land, follow us and we will tell you the full events of the story of Cain and Abel.

The story of Cain and Wahhab

The events of that story took place in the era of Adam, peace be upon him, after he and his wife descended to the land characterized by the demise of blessings, unlike the gardens of eternity. God blessed them with twins each time. The first time Cain and his twin gave birth to the girl “Akilamah”, then she gave birth to Abel and his sister the second time. The twins “Labuda”, and to continue the offspring, it came in the Sunnah of God to marry Cain to Abel’s twin, and for Abel to marry Cain’s twin, and from here the story began.

The story of Cain and Abel in the Quran

  • And to get rid of this conflict and resolve it, Adam was guided by offering each of them offering to God Almighty as a charity, and whoever accepts his charity is right, but whoever rejects his charity is a person of false speech.
  • Thus, both of them offered an offering, as Abel offered a large camel, whose job was to take care of the animals.
  • Cain provided some of his own cultivation, as it was his job to cultivate the land.
  • Each of them left their own sacrifice, waiting for God to respond and accept, for acceptance was in favor of Cain.
  • As a shining light descended from heaven with a force that ignited Abel's sacrifice, leaving Cain's sacrifice as it is without causing him any harm.
  • Abel was one of the pious servants who strived to please God and obey his parents, and he was righteous with them.
  • In addition to his distinction of wisdom and contentment with God’s decree and destiny, he did not want his brother to threaten him either.
  • His response was that even if he started hurting him, he did not meet him in the same way and did not think of harming him.
  • As for Cain, his heart was filled with hatred and envy, and his heart did not know mercy and did not retreat from his decision.
  • Indeed, the killing took place in the Cave of Blood in Mount Qasioun, in an area in Damascus.
  • He killed his brother out of hatred, malice, and aggression. At the time, he considered that he had killed a quarter of the world's population.
  • Therefore, God forbade killing after that, and whoever deliberately kills one person is equivalent to killing all people.
  • After killing his brother, he became confused and carried him on his back for a year, and some rumors, they say that he carried him for a hundred years.
  • On one occasion, he saw two crows fighting, and when one of them killed the other, he dug the dirt off the ground with his beak, until he made a hole, then buried the crow in it and returned the dirt as it was where he hid the body.
  • This scene was a messenger from God and the aim of it was to teach the method of burial.
  • Thus, moved by what the crow had done, he did the same, and dug in the ground and buried his brother's body until he hid it.
  • When his father, Adam, learned of what he had done, he grieved greatly.
  • The sin that Cain committed against his brother was punished in this life.

Are we all children of Cain fact or myth?

Life begins on earth since the descent of our master Adam to it, as mentioned in the Holy Book of God:

  • Eve gave birth to male and female twins twenty times each time, except that there was one time a single Sheet was born.
  • Thus, they had many sons, but they became extinct, except for “Our Prophet Sheet” and for this, we can mention that all lineages belong to him. That is, we are all children of Chet, peace be upon him.

Thus, we talked with you about the story of Cain and Abel. Wait for us to learn about the many other stories of the prophets mentioned in the Qur’an.